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Home Security Mistakes To Avoid

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 Your home should be a safe haven where you feel totally comfortable and secure, but unfortunately crime can occur anywhere. Being diligent about home security is essential if you want to protect your family, yourself, and your belongings. All too often, homeowners make mistakes when it comes to properly securing their home. If you own a house, avoid the following mistakes:

Not Installing a Home Security System

If you want the peace of mind of knowing that your home will have a layer of protection when it is empty or when everyone is sleeping, it is imperative to have a home security system. Ideally, you should have a monitored security system-- when you have a monitored security system, authorities will be called when the alarm is set off. When having a home security system installed, you may also want to consider including security cameras so you can easily remotely view what is going on inside your home even when you are not home.

Letting People Know When No One is Home

One of the biggest mistakes people make in this day and age is announcing when they will be out of town or away from home for an extended time. Posting a vacation photo on social media may seem innocent, but criminals are becoming more savvy and are finding easy targets for break-ins. It is in your best interest to avoid publicly sharing when your house is empty; it is also a good idea to have a trusted neighbor or loved one check on your house regularly if you will be gone for several days.

Failing to Re-Key the Locks in Your Home

When you move into a new house, one of the first things you should do is hire a locksmith to replace or re-key all of the locks. You have no way of knowing who may have a copy of the keys to your house-- the safest thing you can do is get a new set of keys. After the locks are replaced or re-keyed, you will know that no one else has easy access into your home.

Neglecting to Get to Know Your Neighbors

An involved community can go a long way towards preventing crime in a neighborhood. It is always a good idea to get to know the other residents on your street and to join a neighborhood watch group. When everyone is watching out for each other, everyone has a better chance of being safer. 

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